Pennyweather Van Syckle-Lockwood

Fallen (Click Me)

ISFJ - 6w5 - sp/so - 621 - Sanguine-Melancholic

Pennyweather "Penn" van Syckle Lockwood (b. 1991 - d. 2009) is one of Luce's closest friends. She is probably the closest to Luce and the person she talks to when she needs someone. Penn is an intelligent girl who works as a school office aid. She came to be in Sword & Cross not because of behavioural issues but because her father was the groundskeeper for the school. She was close to her father and still visits his grave in the school cemetery. In the end of Fallen she is killed by Miss Sophia, a fallen elder who strongly disapproves Luce & Daniel's love, when she slices Penn's throat. She dies in Luce's arms. In the upcoming Fallen film, she is being portrayed by the actress Lola Kirke.

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

ISFJ (2)


6w5 (1)

Instinctual Variant

sp/so (1)


621 (1)


Sanguine-Melancholic (1)

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