Hotaru Nomoto

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Hotaru Nomoto (野本 ほたる) was born on February 20, 1997 in Tokyo. She is affiliated with Mitt Management. Hotaru began her career in the entertainment industry in 2005 as a child actress. She has always loved being in the limelight and acting on stage, but as she got older, she realized how difficult acting truly was. At one point, she even considered whether acting was something she wanted to continue pursuing. Still, she refused to give up and continued to believe in herself, even if no one else acknowledged her efforts, adopting the old adage, "keizoku wa chikara nari" (継続は力なり "practice makes perfect"?). In 2016, she was cast as Usagi Tsukino in Sailor Moon -Amour Eternal- and Sailor Moon -Le Mouvement Final-. She says that life as an actress is full of training and aches and pains, but it's all worth it for the fleeting but breathtaking moments she is onstage. Yukishiro Akira is Hotaru's debut role as a voice actress.

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