Amy March

Little Women (Click Me)

ENTP - 3w4 - Lawful Good

Amy is the youngest sister and baby of the family, aged 12 when the story begins. Interested in art, she is described as a "regular snow-maiden" with curly golden hair and blue eyes, "pale and slender" and "always carrying herself" like a proper young lady. She is the artist of the family. Often coddled because she is the youngest, Amy can behave in a vain and self-centered way, though she does still love her family. She has the middle name Curtis, and is the only March sister to use her full name rather than a diminutive.

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

ENTP (3)

ENTJ (1)

ESFP (1)


3w4 (3)

Alignment System

Lawful Good (1)

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